CDK Vision

“To be a vibrant, dedicated and loving community of God, living fulfilled and dignified lives” 

CDK Mission

Inspired by Jesus call “Go therefore and make disciplines of all nations” (Mt. 28:19); the Catholic Diocese of Kitale;

“CDK is committed to building a faith community called by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit; to deepen evangelization and promote holistic human development; through worshipping God, living our Catholic identity, and serving others through compassion, love and justice, unity and peace”.   

CDK Core Values

The Catholic Diocese of Kitale is based on the Christian ethical values of democracy, justice, truth, equity, solidarity, compassion, love, forgiveness, humility, patience, and openness.  In the spirit of Inculturation as promulgated by the African Synod of 2009, the diocese also believes in quality African values of communion, unity, sharing and hospitality. Based on these, the core values of the diocese are therefore as follows:

Spirituality and Worship

The diocese values active preparation and participation of its faithful in meaningful, inspirational and reverent liturgies.

Quality Catholic Education

The diocese teaches the truths of our Catholic faith as taught in the Catechism of the Catholic Church to all ages, and reinforces and empowers parents in their role as the primary faith educators.

Respect and Justice

The CDK is a community which promotes fairness, tolerance, and compassion for the greater good of the world around us, and which recognizes our responsibility as Christians to uphold the dignity and integrity of every person in the diocese.


The CDK cherishes our Catholic faith as a gift from God and seeks, recognizes, and acts on opportunities to share it with others.

Service to Community

The CDK is committed to respond to Jesus’ call of service to others and His instruction to love others as we love ourselves.

Spirit of Community

The CDK joyfully cooperates and builds relationships within the diocese, the broader Kenyan community as well as internationally. We believe that living and sharing our Catholic values is vital to the growth of the entire diocese, the Kenyan community and beyond.


The CDK commits to cultivating and sharing our time, talent, and treasure, while addressing the needs of the entire faithful in the diocese. We cherish, respect and protect all creation as gifts of God’s love.