Inside Caritas

The Caritas Kitale (CK) was started in 2015.Initially; it was the development and social services department. The diocesan development and social services department was started in 1998 when the catholic diocese of Kitale (CDK) was hive-off and separated from the catholic diocese of Eldoret (CDE). The diocesan development offices for the catholic diocese of Eldoret were based in Kitale until 1993.When the CDK was formed, the directorate activities were executed in CDE until the year 2002 when Mr. Bernard Nyang’echi was employed by the diocese of Kitale as a full-time development coordinator. In March,2003, Mr. Matthew Bore succeeded him up to 2008 when Mr. Anthony Lubano took charge of the office until April,2016.Currently,Mr.Alexander Barasa is the one in charge of the Caritas Directorate of the catholic diocese of Kitale.