Understanding Youth Ministry in the 21st Century.

  “… Youth Ministry is a Systematic attention to the broad range of youth needs…….” Michael Warren

Youth ministry is not simply the ministry of adults to young people, nor simply the ministry of young people to each other. It is the never-ending task of enabling the gospel to take flesh in the mentality and characteristics of the new generation. .. Youth ministry is a mission in which we are all involved.

The Church, while regarding young people as “hope”, also sees them as “a great challenge for the future of the Church”

 In the Gospel young people in fact speak directly to Christ, who reveals to them their “singular richness” and calls them to an enterprise of personal and community growth, of decisive value for the fate of society and of the Church.

Therefore, young people cannot be considered only objects of catechesis, but also active subjects and protagonists of evangelization and artisans of social renewal. 

Youth ministry should focus on
Promoting integral formation of the youth challenging and enabling them through the Gospel of Christ and social teachings of the church to live a more spiritual life and become economically self-reliant.

While dealing with the youth, the apostolate should from time to time help the young people to feel grateful to God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit for the good they have received. 32nd World youth day theme (2017) “The mighty one has done great things for me, and holy is His name” (Luke 1:49).

The Church has therefore been called upon to journey with the young and help them grow in faith, this is well discussed in the Liniamenta for the 2018 Synod on the Youth, Faith and Vocational discernment.

The Pope wants not only to ask how he can lead young people to recognize and accept the call to the fullness of life and love but to ask young pple to help him identify most effective ways to announce Good News today by listening to Young Pple, the Church will hear the Lord speaking in today’s world.

Therefore, the Church desires to encounter, accompany and care for every young person without exception.  

In January 2017- Pope released a ‘working Document’, Pope Francis-(Evangelium Gaudium) gives 3 step plan in discernment (Gifts of Discernment)

      • To Recognize ones’ thoughts & feelings;
      • to interpret them;
      • and then to choose.

 All this requires accompaniment even if one thinks he/she knows the best.

The young people therefore, always needs a ‘PROPHETIC CHURCH’
where they can;-

 P – Pray and Worship
– Recreate

– Offers care to them

– Peer ministry and relevant evangelization

– Health and Conducive environment for growth

– Educate and be educated

– Truth, Justice and Peace

– Initiative and Empowerment

– Catechizes.

 Go therefore and serve, touch and help those innocent souls, its your responsibility”

 Stanley Siakilo.
Youth Cordinator- Catholic Diocese of Kitale