The Catholic Water and Sanitation Programme is an Office/Department within The Catholic Diocese of Kitale Secretariat (Under the Bishop) in North West Part of Kenya-East Africa. The Purpose/Aim of the programme is to support rural and semi-urban community’s accessibility to clean water and sanitation.

Programme Objectives

  1. To promote provision of safe/clean water to the poor.
  2. To support poor people’s accessibility to hygienic sanitation facilities.
  3. To enhance good conservation of the natural environment.
Programme Goals

  1. Adopt relatively low cost technologies in provision of water and sanitation services.
  2. Build communities capacity towards self reliance in water and sanitation projects.
  3. To facilitate Tree Planting in water catchment areas.
Intervention Technologies/ Activities

  1. Roof Catchment Rainwater Harvesting systems.
  2. Natural water source/spring protections.
  3. Gravity flow water pipelines.
  4. Ventilated improved pits(VIP) Latrines.
  5. Provision of Domestic drinking water filters.
  6. Shallow well protection and pumping systems.
  7. Community trainings and capacity building.
Roles of Water and Sanitation Programme

  1. Create awareness in the communities on issues concerning water and sanitation.
  2. Carry out project feasibility study & needs assessment and baseline surveys.
  3. Propose relevant intervention technology and Provide technical skills.
  4. Prepare project bills of quantities and budget estimates.
  5. Engage Contractors/ artisans and supervise construction of projects.
  6. Provide relevant trainings/capacity building to ensure sustainability of projects.
  7. Mobilization of community local resources and other funding/support.
  8. Carry out monitoring and evaluation of projects.
  9. Write project Reports to relevant authorities and donors.
  10. Network with the government and other stake holders.